Our five-step core processes have been polished and practiced for over 35 years to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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Step 1

Discovery and Analysis:

This phase involves understanding your business, budget, target audience, key stakeholders, and goals. We analyze your data from previous media efforts, both online and off. This includes but is not limited to your website, social media channels, advertising, events, and other relevant data to develop a clear picture of your current performance.

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Step 2

Strategy and Planning :

Based on our analysis, we develop a data-driven strategy that will help you achieve our agreed-upon business goals. We evaluate your goals and current technology stack. Then we devise a plan to match and or surpass your growth goals using over 400 AI tools to fit your needs. Finally, we help you set up the tools and monitor your progress every step of the way. Our strategy includes a clear roadmap with specific actions, timelines, and KPI metrics for success.

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Step 3

Implementation :

This phase involves executing the strategy and creating the tactics outlined in stage 2 of the planning. This includes implementing AI-powered marketing solutions, creating SEO and PPC campaigns, and executing other preapproved initiatives from the approved strategy.

Measure and Scale - Growth Webflow Template
Step 4

Optimization and A-B Testing :

As we implement the plan, it's essential to continually monitor performance, test and optimize campaigns, and adjust tactics as needed to enhance outcomes. We use data to make informed decisions and continually refine our approach to maximize your growth.

Measure and Scale - Growth Webflow Template
Step 5

Reporting and Actionable KPI Analysis

At regular predetermined intervals, we provide clear and concise reports that demonstrate the impact of our efforts. We use data to show how our initiatives are helping achieve goals and provide recommendations for continued improvement.

Our Process

By following our structured and data-driven process that focuses on understanding your business, developing a clear strategy, implementing AI-powered marketing solutions, testing and optimization, and providing transparent reporting, we build confidence to deliver positive and proven results.

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